If you’re planning on starting a business, it’s easy to feel adrift in a sea of possibilities. You want to succeed, obviously, but what does success mean to you? Having tangible goals can be helpful, both to remain grounded and keep you progressing. So how do you figure those out?

To help you gain some clarity, we’ve asked business coaches to answer one question:

“What helps someone clarify their goals when starting a new business?”

Get Grounded
“Grounding in the core purpose that led you to start your business is a great compass to follow for all activities and goal setting.”
Leah Hurley, Director, Craft + Co-Founder | Craft

Know Your Purpose
“Businesses often fail when the individuals running them fail. Although goals are necessary drivers, they should flow naturally from something even bigger: Purpose.”
Sheldon Stadnyk, MD | SheldonStadnyk.com

Think About the Big Picture
“It helps to clarify how your business will help others and make a change in the world. If your business is only contributing to your bank account, it may not be sustainable. When it has heart, soul, and a goal of reciprocity, you’ll grow in ways you never thought possible.”
Nancy Jackson, Mentor, Coach, Spiritual Guide | Authentic & Aligned

Accept Change
“Different things make different people happy. Give yourself permission to be successful and be willing to do what it takes to get there. Accept change, because without change you will find yourself in the same place.”
D’Amico & Forrest CPAs Inc | DamicoForrestCPA.com

Express Your Vision
“Write the idea in plain terms to keep the picture at the center of your planning! Successful business owners often have the opportunity to “tell their story.” This process is speaking out loud something one has already seen in their vision.”
Kenneth Christmon, Motivational Mentor | KennethChristmon.com

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“What helps someone clarify their goals when starting a new business?”

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