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At some point in our lives, we may hit a wall, whether in a career, job or relationship and how thick and tall that wall may be is relative to who we are and how we perceive ourselves.  At that point we stop and either we panic, make the wrong decision (in hindsight) or we look at this insurmountable wall and find a way around it by going in a different direction.


I hit that wall several times in my life and going in a different direction has been the consequence of observing small or great things and situations that occurred right before I was inspired to make a decision. I deliberately chose early in my life to forego pragmatism and be creative, even if with limited or inexistent success.


I always wondered what made successful people successful. How did it all start? From musicians to athletes, chefs, actors and scientists. Some have had idols or people they admired growing up and then happened to be on the right spot at the right time. But most have been inspired to do what they love and become good at it.


Inspiration to create can come from anywhere and anything. A rainy morning, a butterfly landing on a flower, a prop on a movie set or even a discussion overheard somewhere. I have found inspiration by visiting other places than my immediate surroundings and just observing how easy it is to find beauty in everything and I realized that every country or city I visited has something good and something else not so good. The story of all this can be found on my own travel blog at


Europeans may have amazing social policies, outstanding public transit and a variety of cuisines but….

North Americans are over the top friendly, helpful and talkative but…

There’s always a “but” in everything and I understood that despite my own shortcomings I can still do something to be proud of. Inspiration may not come easy but you can help it by meeting it halfway and putting yourself in a position to be inspired.

Once inspiration flutters around you, it is recommended to hold on to it for a while and let it guide you. 


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